Development with ... Pleasure!

developer, sysadmin, project manager

VoIP (Asterisk PBX, installation, configuration, maintenance, integrate with 3rd party applications, customized solutions development, consultancy), Linux (server maintenance, optimization, security, networking), Web (development, customization)

Lead Collector

Page generator & Lead Collector & Lead Notifier

The most powerful and easy to use solution that any marketer & home business needs. It allows to deploy pages in seconds. Build your page & collect your leads & keep in touch with your customers, all in one place.

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Travel Agency CMS

Complete web based solution for travel agencies.

Features: responsive, unlimited number of pages / subpages, unlimited number of languages, SEO optimized (title, URL, auto generated sitemap.xml, urllist.txt and RSS feed), integration with social networks

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Web Crawler

Extract Data from the Web using: NodeJS, MongoDB and JavaScript Regular Expressions.

Choose your target, set some regular expressions, start the spider and collect data as XML, JSON or Text file. Then ... do whatever you want with it.

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More and more companies start to hire third-party organization located in different places. Romania is one of them. Start to build you theme here and you will be glad you did it. If you want one, use my contact page.
A small list of services we can provide: Web Applications, Website Development, VoIP Solutions (Asterisk PBX), Networking, Linux Consultancy, Server Maintenance (Optimization, Security).

Latest Work - travel agency website - presentation website - electric car presentation website

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